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Panorama of North Berwick Harbour and Dingy Park by Ian Goodall

 North Berwick Harbour (West Bay in the distance) and Dingy Park (the former swimming pool) round to the Bass Rock


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 North Berwick Photographic Society - Preparing Images for Digital Projection


Digital images for the Club's competitions and assignments should be submitted at a maximum size of 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high using sRGB colour space and saved as jpeg format. This is the new SPF sizing which was previously 1400 x 1050.


To resize your image in Elements or Photoshop go to File, click Open and select the image and make any required changes but do not sharpen at this stage. The maximum permitted size is 1600 wide and 1200 high. Go to Image Resize>Resize>Image Size and enter 1600 in the width box. If this results in the height being greater than 1200 change the height to 1200 which would then reduce the width. Click OK to resize the image. Note: An image in portrait mode should be 1200 high but might, for example, be only be 800 wide and a square image would be 1200 x 1200.


The advice is don't supply an image with borders unless it is a decorative border considered to be part of the image. The only exception could be if an image has a very dark background which you wish to differentiate from the projected black background then apply a 1 pixel wide white border (and no wider than 1 pixel).


Now sharpen the resized image as necessary.


Next go to Image>Convert Color Profile (In Photoshop CS: Edit>Convert to Profile). If 'Convert to sRGB Profile' is greyed out it's fine otherwise select 'Convert to sRGB Profile'.


It is helpful to adopt a naming convention for the file name of each image as follows:- Title (which can be several words) in capital letters, followed by a space then the word 'by' in lower case followed by another space then the photographer's first name and surname with the first letter in each word in capitals. The file will end in .jpg or .jpeg. A file name should therefore look like 'IMAGE TITLE by Club Member.jpg'. When the image is given to the judge, and later projected, the member's name is removed to ensure images are assessed and viewed anonymously.


To save the image go to File>Save As. Ensure the file type is set to JPEG and Quality is set to Maximum. Click OK. Select your 'Save as' folder and ensure the file name is in the format stated above eg BASS ROCK IN WINTER by John Smith.jpg.

SENDING TO the NBPS Competition Secretary (Ian Goodall)

Please use WeTransfer to send in your entries at least 17 days before the competition date (unless stated differently) to allow time for all entries to be collated and sent to the judge at least two weeks prior to the actual competition date. To use WeTransfer visit WeTransfer.com and enter the "Email to" as entries@northberwickphoto.org. This method is new for this season and now the preferred way. Alternatively, to use the old way send entries as attachments by email to entries@northberwickphoto.org.


Panorama of North Berwick Elco Green and West Beach by Ian Goodall
North Berwick West Bay and Elcho/Anchor Green at sunset 

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